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    Mission Statement

    Our association was started in order to help homeschoolers fulfill state requirements with the least amount of intrusion into their home, and with as little expense as possible. We believe that you, as parents, are the ones who know what works best with your child, and we will be there only to support you.

    We offer four levels of membership: Basic, High School, Plus and Complete. The Basic package costs $50.00 per family ($25.00 during the months of May-August) and will insure that you are in compliance with the state law. You will simply need to fill out the application informing us what you are teaching for each subject.

    The High School package costs $75 per family ($50.00 during the months of May-August).
    This package is for any family with a high school student (grades 9-12). Grades must be sent in by June 15th. Seniors must have their grades in by May 30th. A transcript will be provided after grades are received.

    The Plus package costs $65.00 per family ($40.00 during the months of May-August).  It includes Basic coverage plus a report card for each child.

    The Complete package costs $100.00 ($75.00 during the months of May-August). It will entitle you to one free curriculum consultation, free Stanford test administration, (the only cost will be the cost of the tests), a graduation ceremony, diplomas, transcripts, and special members-only sale days at Lifelong Learning Resources (Children’s Books).


    We are available each weekday from 10:00-5:00 to answer questions or provide assistance.  We accept year-round enrollment.  We are also planning special events through the year to encourage and support our families.