Underclassmen Grades are Due by June 15, 2016!

Hi folks,

I know the phone and email messages are coming into the office today in a deluge. Miss Barbara is semi-retired and living in Denver just now but will be back for a few weeks later this summer. Her assistant, Carol Anne, is in the office from 1-5p, M-F.

However – Carol Anne  is out of the office today, June 15, 2016 and, perhaps June 16th because her son had emergency surgery for appendicitis at 3 a.m. on the 15th.

If your grades are incomplete, please submit the ones that are completed by filling out this form:

High School Transcript Form

List the ones that are still in process and instead of a credit/grade, please list the course  as ‘pending’ and submit the grade(s) when completed. You may print out the form for each grade completed, fill it out, and mail it in. This form is not one that can be completed online and must be printed out and completed.


You may use the form as a pattern for how to submit grades and email them to aaasc@earthlink.net. If you email in the grades, please be sure and send in all the information outlined on the transcript form to insure timely updating of your student’s transcript.

Carol  Anne is entering the updated grades in the transcript system from seniors back to freshman.  When your student’s grades have been input, she will email you an updated copy for you to review and approve.

Please be watching your email for this document draft, and let her know asap if there are corrections/tweaks/additions, etc. Once you both agree that the document accurately reflects the information submitted, she will send you a stamped hard copy.

If your family has had a severe emergency – as in a child with open heart surgery, a dying grandparent, etc., yes, of course, we grant extensions.

We know this is a year of adjustment when families are trying to wrap their heads around having a deadline to submit grades after all the elementary years without grading deadlines.

It will get easier each year because you will adjust your school year to complete it in time to meet the deadlines. If you school year-round, this is the year to begin to adjust your high schooler’s schedule so that you can submit grades by the May 30th (senior) and June 15th (underclassmen) deadlines.

Carol Anne will return emails and phone messages as soon as she is able.  As her friend Libby, who is the co-ordinator of homeschool students for Tri-County Tech says, “Take a deep breath. There is no such thing as an academic emergency.”

Thanks for all your help, encouragement, and assistance in this process during this busy, busy season of the year.

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