How Do I Withdraw My Child from Public School to Homeschool?

In South Carolina, you may not legally withdraw a child from traditional public school until you have enrolled in one of three homeschool options.

If you withdraw your child without the proper paperwork in place, you are at risk of contact from truancy officials.

How Do I Withdraw My Child From

When you begin to consider homeschooling, take a look at our member handbook and our S. C. Homeschool Law tab. Review our information regarding what is required of you as the parent-teacher in your homeschool.

To homeschool in South Carolina, you must have legal physical custody of the child you are homeschooling and must have at least a GED.

Follow these steps to withdraw your child from public school:

1) Fill out our membership application and submit your payment.

2) Be sure to indicate you are withdrawing a child from public school on the membership form.

Checking that box let’s us know we need to provide three documents for you: a school withdrawal letter, a membership letter, and a membership card.

If you are withdrawing children from separate schools, we will send a letter for each school with the name of the child who is withdrawing from that school listed.

3) Once we have received your application and membership fees, we will create your school letter, membership letter, and membership card.

You will receive your membership card and letter in the mail within 5-7 business days.

We will email you a scanned copy of the school letter as soon as it is ready.

Keep a copy of the school letter for your records. It will serve as your member letter until you receive that document in the mail.

Give a 2nd copy of the school letter to the school from which you are withdrawing your child. Once you present them with the letter, you are free to take your child home and begin homeschooling.

***In an emergency, you can come to our store, fill out your paperwork, pay your fees, and leave with a school withdrawal letter the same day.

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