Underclassmen Grades are Due by June 15, 2016!

Hi folks, I know the phone and email messages are coming into the office today in a deluge. Miss Barbara is semi-retired and living in Denver just now but will be back for a few weeks later this summer. Her assistant, Carol Anne, is in the office from 1-5p, M-F. However – Carol Anne  is

How Do I Keep a Homeschool Plan Book?

Record Keeping Part 1- (1)

South Carolina Law requires homeschool parents maintain a plan book detailing what you accomplish each school day. So, one of the most common questions we receive is, “How do I keep a plan book?”   The good news is: it’s not nearly as hard as you think! Plan books can be as simple or as

Setting Up Your Own Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Record KeepingPart 2-

As a new homeschooler (or if finances are an issue), commercially produced planners can seem overwhelming. If you are already in information overload, planners may be reassuring. They may also be intimidating if you are organizationally challenged or need time to figure out your own path. Setting up your own homeschool planner may be more

How Do I Withdraw My Child from Public School to Homeschool?

How Do I Withdraw My Child From

In South Carolina, you may not legally withdraw a child from traditional public school until you have enrolled in one of three homeschool options. If you withdraw your child without the proper paperwork in place, you are at risk of contact from truancy officials. When you begin to consider homeschooling, take a look at our

May I Award High School Credits During Junior High?

High School Credits During Jr Hi

Are you a panicky junior high mom who feels high school breathing down your neck? Rest assured, you are not the only mom with questions and uncertainties keeping you awake at night. One concern we often hear is, “May I award high school credits during junior high?” In South Carolina, junior high students may be

Reading Readiness Skills

Child reading with reading readiness reading the Bible.

One of the primary goals for 1st thru 3rd grades is learning to read. Understanding reading readiness skills will help you determine how you and your child are moving from learning to read to the goal of reading to learn. If your Kindergartener was reading a few months in, it is especially easy to feel

Preschool Play and ‘Socialization’

Preschool Play Skills and Socialization

It’s the word all homeschooling moms dread to hear: socialization. There are many reasons for understanding the stages of preschool play and socialization.   1) When you know the stages children move through as they develop social skills, you may feel more prepared to answer those hot button questions about <gasp> ‘socialization’. 2) Understanding the

Prepping for High School

Picture of someone sitting on a cliff.

If you’ve ever seen one of the extreme prepper shows, you know prepping for high school can seem much the same. The territory seems extreme, foreign, and just a bit – o.k., a whole lot – beyond your reach. Junior high parents who are prepping to homeschool in high school often feel as though they

Pre-K Learning Fundamentals

toddler playing with blocks

The preschool years are times of rapid change for our little ones.  They go from almost complete dependence to interacting with the world around them in skillful ways. A basic understanding of Pre-K learning fundamentals will equip you to enjoy these precious years. For many of us, worksheets and workbooks anchor our ideas about education.