1st – 6th

Welcome to the elementary school years of 1st – 6th grades!  Many families find the pressure to keep up with relatives and neighbors around us overwhelming.

bear reading a book

While we find our homeschooling comfort zone, it’s easy to sense precious time slipping away. Here’s the good news:

Especially in the earliest years, you cannot break your children! It’s ok to try and fail.

For the first three years of homeschooling everyone is trying to discover what works best for them. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching out to newer homeschoolers saying, “I used to feel like that! You are going to be o.k. Really, you are!”

We won’t say we told you so, but we will love for you to come back and tell us we did! We will both enjoy a good laugh and maybe a couple of, “Whew’s! That was close!”

These are the years when learning is divided into two stages: learning to read and reading to learn.

Keeping your focus on these 2 stages will be the compass for your soul during discouraging times. Math and writing skills are as pivotal, but reading will be the foundation for all of learning.

Join us here as we offer gentle guidance and a nudge or two when you need it to stay the course.